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Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance in Northwest Indiana


Failing to maintain your HVAC system properly can result in serious damage or even cause you to need a full replacement. Additionally, a system that is well maintained will assure a higher quality of indoor air and lower utility bills. Clearly, the need for proper maintenance exists, but remembering to call Stephany Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your maintenance appointment can be difficult.

Stephany Heating & Air Conditioning wants to make heating and air conditioning system maintenance easy for you with our Complete Maintenance Membership program. We have designed this specifically to make maintenance easier and less expensive for our customers.

Reasons to Consider Our Energy Savings Agreement

  • An Energy Savings Agreement is more affordable than scheduling appointments one by one
  • You never worry that you will forget to schedule maintenance service
  • Keeping your system clean can save money on utility bills
  • Regular maintenance can catch repairs early, saving you money
  • Energy Star recommends maintenance to prevent future problems and unwanted costs

Why Stephany Heating & Air Conditioning?

We are different from the competition. We work with all the major HVAC systems and offer service with a smile. Our certified service technicians receive up to date indoor air quality training, extensive manufacturer training, and the latest in building code training. Making your home or business comfortable without costing you more than is necessary is always our goal. We background check, certify and drug screen our technicians so that you can feel confident about every person you work with from Stephany Heating & Air Conditioning. Additionally, our customer service is the best in the business.

The Benefits of Stephany Heating & Air Conditioning Energy Savings Agreement

The Energy Savings Agreement at Stephany Heating & Air Conditioning assures cool, comfortable summers and warm, worry-free winters. Stephany Heating & Air Conditioning offers a Energy Savings Agreement with a 32-point tune up and service in both summer and winter. This is important, especially in Northwest Indiana where the temperatures can be so dramatically different from one season to another.

When our experienced technicians visit your home, we do more than just casually inspect your unit—we can also change your filters upon request (with a 15% discount on replacement filters) and help you find problems with your unit indoors and out before they become more serious. Catching these problems early can prevent small problems from costing you hundreds or even thousands later on down the road.

Stephany Heating & Air Conditioning's Energy Savings Agreement saves you money in other ways too. We offer members a 15% discount on service and parts. If we find a problem with your unit and if you do decide to let us repair your system, we can later take the cost of repair and credit it towards new equipment.

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Are you dealing with a problem with your residential HVAC system? Are you ready for an upgrade to your outdated or inefficient system? For more information, Contact Stephany Heating & Air Conditioning for assistance today. We will send out one of our experienced technicians quickly—helping you repair or upgrade your system and return your home to a comfortable temperature once more!

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